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October 20, 2013

Peek at My Week

This upcoming week is going to be nuts.  The kids get a 3 day weekend - no school tomorrow - because moi will be having 23 parent & teacher conferences on Monday, then another 9 on Wednesday and Thursday.  Tuesday is the only regular day of the week, the rest of the days will be minimum.  :)  

Minimum days are fun, though the day flies by - and when you have the normal amount of stuff to tackle it can be a little overwhelming.  So, I have learned over the years to just change up the week for my sanity.  The kids will automatically be excited since it's a minimum day... and the different schedule doesn't allow everything to get done.  Math becomes a review week - nothing new is going to happen this coming week... and that leaves time to have some educational fun.  

Our story this coming week will still be in our Dollars and Sense (OCR) unit.  This week the story is a nonfiction about the restaurant business.  I've been trying to add more realia to my lessons, so the other night I headed down to Black Bear Diner to pick up some of their paper menus for my class.  

The host gave me a funny look when I asked for a class set, so I assured him that half my class (16) would be great too.  This week we will be using the menus for different language arts activities (ABC order in the different sections, adjectives that could be added to the descriptions, etc.)   

The menus will also tie into our review math.  We will be using the Restaurant Math task cards from Ashleigh to go through the different skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication, comparisons, etc.  It won't be the entire week, but there are plenty of things to do with the cards that tie into everything!!
  Restaurant Math Task Cards

For a combined Math and ELA project, the kids will be creating their own menus using adjectives and working with decimal points & dollar signs.... in addition to the normal response to literature and summary and reading log that they always do during the week.  No gigantic extra project though this week.

One last thing though - this week we will be starting our Red Ribbon Week activities.  Our school district has grade level curriculum that the kids go through.  The teacher has a binder with 7 lessons.  I had a parent helper make up mini books for my class.  They are red (of course), and students will be writing the different facts inside them.

Here are the lessons I will start to cover:
1) Our Organs: A kid lies on butcher paper and we bubble draw around the student to make a life size gingerbread man.  Then we try to label the different organs, where they are, etc.  We will be writing in our mini books the different functions of the organs and why they are important.
2) Dangers of Medicine (from the doctor vs. getting something from your friend).
3) Staying away from Alcohol - We write down the effects of alcohol on the organs.
4) Tabacco: The True Story - We write down the effects of tabacco on the body.
5) Terrible Trio - We have a specific lesson on Marijuana, Cocaine/Crack, and Inhalents.
6) Advertising - There is a lesson that goes over the point of advertisements.
7) Saying No - We go over different ways to say no.

I will probably only get through the first 3 this coming week.

I hope you have a wonderful week!  Linking up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings.  :)  
Mrs. Laffin's Laughings: A Peek at My Week {September 15, 2013}

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  1. I'm jealous of your Red Ribbon Week plans. We aren't really given anything to work with. We do have to create some sort of drug-free poster. But this did give me some ideas!


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