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October 16, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Math Games

Workshop Wednesday...Linking up with Jivey today to share what's going on in my classroom.  I still LOVE math time!  This week we are talking about math games.  During workshop I have 4 stations going... I know I've talked about it before.  

M - Math Facts
A - At Your Seat
T - Teacher Time
H - Hands On 

In the Math Fact station on Tuesday and Thursdays I have math games as the choice of the day.
Students can play with flashcards, math bingo, those ice cube trays with the numbers & cubes (they toss a base ten cube into the trays and have to multiply the numbers together).  It's fun!

At your seat is usually paperwork, but once the kids are done with the spiral/review/worksheet, etc - they get to play on technology.  My students love to play on IXL reviewing skills, or on the ipad working on math games.  Fun times.  

Teacher time usually involves a game or two.  I hardly ever have the students bring their math books to the carpet with me.  Always their whiteboards though.  We usually use the problems from the book (I just pop the problems up on my own smaller whiteboard), and then it transitions into having the kids create their own problems using the same skills, and having the group solve the problems.  The "game" happens when they start switching boards with each other - constant review with the challenge aspect.  Sometimes I pull task cards into the group that we go over, most times we just create a challenge. 


Hands On is always a game - sometimes task cards, many times it's involving dice.  Simple, no prep - and it's pretty quiet since I have my students use their dice cards instead of making the clinking sound.  :)  

For example, this week we are multiplying multi-digit numbers times 1 digit (see picture above).  The kids choose their numbers, both partners write the same number, they solve separately, and then check their answers.  If they are different they need to figure out who is right, and who made a mistake & why.  We've worked with dice with place value, rounding, adding, subtracting, and now with multiplication... and I can guarantee we will continue with dice through double digit multiplication, division, factors, etc...    

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  1. I love the idea of the dice cards! I always make mine play on the floor, and we have carpet, so I don't hear dice, but I can imagine how helpful it would be for those without that option! :) Thanks for linking up!


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