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March 8, 2014

I'm not really here today...

My boys go to the same school that I teach at.  My eldest is in the classroom next door to me.  When I have a sub, but still have to drop off my kids or pick them up at school I say the same thing to people that I know, "I'm not really here today."  

Today I'm posting over on the new Collaboration Connection blog.  I shared why I absolutely, positively LOVE the month of March.  It's always been special in our family.  I included pictures.  :) 
I also shared an art/writing project that my kiddos enjoyed doing last year - that is on the lesson plan for this coming week.  

Then, I also shared a Parts of Speech FREEBIE over there...

I know, I know - so much intrigue.

GO VISIT and see for yourself!  

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  1. Do you like teaching at the same school as your kids? I'm considering switching districts to be closer to home so that I can teach at the same school my kids attend.

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