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June 9, 2014

Monday Made It and Meet Me

The Teaching Tribune is hosting another fun week of link ups, so today I wanted to share a little about me.  Since I wrote this a couple of days ago, I have proved to myself that I do not have patience.  I want to have patience, but I'm not there yet.  My boys are "helping" me grow in that area... Lovely how kids help us see our faults.   

This week for Monday Made It with Tara and 4th Grade Frolics, I have been updating, creating, bundling, scrubbing, and laminating!  

I bundled up 22 activities and task cards that I use to help reinforce math concepts throughout the year.  It's my biggest bundle ever!  


I also started working on some new projects this week - including my new Pencil Parts of Speech.  My goal this summer is to add more ELA task cards to my stash for this coming school year. 

Then I updated quite a few of my older products.  They now have clip art!  Please redownload. 
     Simple Machines and Sound Project, Presentation, and Gradi

California Early Explorers Facts and Writing Pack       California Native Americans Research and Writing Pack

We almost went out and bought new counters for our kitchen.  I really am sick of my 11 year old tile.  After making an appointment, getting samples, bringing them home, and then realizing that the countertops were the basically the same color as the tile we already have... and since we already love our cabinets, backsplash, and flooring (and nothing is technically wrong with our tile - even though we'd love solid surface)... and not wanting to have to deal with a reno with 3 little boys... we decided to just spruce up the kitchen a bit.  

Loves2Teach shared on Instagram about using Murphy's Wood Soap, it worked!!  It worked so well that I almost cried - maybe because my arms were aching, but also because the shine came back.  I didn't realize how many juice drips, popsicle fingers, and normal "ickeyness" had built up over the years until I started looking close.  Gross!  Onto the tile grout this next week.  We're going to try this home grout recipe from Life Hacker. 

With laminating...  It's now been 2 summers since I bought my first laminator.  Usually I keep one at school, one at home - but during summer they are both home to double up projects.  Yesterday in between scrubbing the cabinets and watching Rehab Addict, I was laminating up these things. 

Math Fourth Grade Common Core Mathematics Overview by Jivey.  In past years I have included it into my homework folder for the kids, however this year I also laminated a copy to keep in my Parent Helper basket.  I saved lamination pouches by double side laminating it.  More and more I hear from my Parent Helpers that they don't remember how to do the math, I want to have a ready reference in case they need a little help remembering how to do the different skills when they are working with the kids.  I still need to add a binder ring to hold these together when I get these to school.

Last Tuesday The Teaching Tribune hosted a 2 for Tuesday Linky - some sellers put up 2 items from their stores for 50% off.  I bought a lot - including these Word Work Activities for Big Kids from Chalk and Apples.  These are all laminated and ready to go!  

A Modern Teacher has a collection of the different Common Core Standards for Elementary.  I printed off just 4th grade and double side laminated again.  These sheets are going to be kept in my lesson planner or classroom organizer.
I'm kind of addicted to these colors.  I mean really addicted.  Top left is my Teacher Entrepreneur binder that I've been using since January, then recently I picked up a Classroom Organizer for specific pages (top right) - both from A Modern Teacher.  My Lesson Planner came (bottom right) from Erin Condren last weekend, and this week I also picked up a Weekly Project Life book (bottom left).  I'm about as organized as I'm going to get.  

Hope you have a great day!    


  1. I miss Alias, Psych, and Chuck!!!

  2. Teach Like a Pirate is on my list of books to read this summer. I have heard such good things it makes me excited to start it!


  3. Thank you for all these great ideas and tips! I started using mentor sentences in my class this year because I saw it on your blog! I also used an Erin Condren lesson planner and while it was pricey, it was definitely one of the better purchases I made this year! I love it! Enjoy your summer!

  4. Your cabinets look great! You have been crazy busy since you finished school. I need a little of your motivation to just finish the school year!
    You will love Teach Like a Pirate. It was my personal PD book last summer.
    Have a great week!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

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  6. Hi Emily! Thank you for all of your great tips and tricks! I've been following you for quite some time, and I always love the things I see and find on your blog. :)

    Seeing where your from, I was wondering if I might ask you for a little bit of advice. I am moving to the Bay Area after having spent 2 years teaching and working on my master's in France. Do you have any advice for snagging an interview/jobs in your area? It's so hard because I'm not yet over there (I'm having to do everything long distance while I finish up the school year here), but I was wondering if there is anything I might do to make myself stand out.

    If you're too busy to answer, no worries -- it sounds like you've got your hands full! But I just thought I would give it a try. :)

    Thanks again, and I love your blog!


  7. oops where you're** from! how embarrassing!

  8. Wow! Your cabinets look fabulous! I'm thinking of redoing my kitchen table but maybe I should try that first! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Mrs. Masters’ Kinder Love


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