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February 28, 2015

Measuring the Presidents

This week I tried something I've never done before... We measured the presidents... outside, with chalk.  Now this was already an undertaking since it's been super windy while "snowing" allergy inducing pollen (really does look like snow)... but the kids were troopers (and I'm thankful for my allergy meds).  

I saw this freebie by Teacher Chick, and when we had our second ruler lesson of measurement we then headed outside to try it out.  

Measurement with the President Freebies

I had the kids work in groups of 3 (since there were 10 presidents included) - they shared a piece of paper, a piece of sidewalk chalk, and a few rulers.  Each group was told which president to measure, and they got to work.  I saw a couple of groups try to line up their rulers end to end to make the specific measurement, but most measured by feet (drawing lines every 12 inches).  It was eye opening to them how they had to add up the measurements, and how they had to add or subtract inches from the foot.  Great real life project! 

When all 10 were completed, they measured themselves vs. their president and checked out each other's presidents.  You can see some marks in the below picture of where they came up to.  

Afterward we headed back indoors and everyone received their own paper to fill out.  We first figured out that 5 feet equals 60 inches, and that 6 ft. equals 72... then the kids got to work figuring out the exact measurements.  The kids also brainstormed what careers use these types of measurements on a daily basis, and why we have to know them for the future.  

It was a great tie in, especially in February, since we've been learning about the presidents anyway.  Just another thing to remember for next year!

Hope you had a great week!

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