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April 18, 2014

5 for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs to share about my random week:

We did a lot of spring activities this week without our normal curriculum.  Still had plenty to do to fill up the hours, lots of review.  These construction eggs were from Runde's Room.
Easter Math Craftivity for the Upper Grades

I chose her 1/2 page option and each kid received 2 pages (4 eggs).  On one they wrote equivalent fractions, another was factors, third was multiples, and then the last was an acrostic MATH poem.  This example we did full class.  When done they cut them out, glued them onto construction paper and then cut them out again before folding them like a taco and stapling together.  They LOVED them!!

We haven't planted our CA poppies at school yet (will do when we get back from Spring Break), but found this one in my backyard.  My boys had put the leftover seeds in random containers last spring, and this just showed up recently.  So pretty!  

This past week my big kids took plastic eggs and created an activity egg hunt for our 1st grade buddies.  They wrote short little activities to do with them and then folded the notes inside the eggs.  We were in charge of "hiding" them (in plain sight - not under the tanbark) and then together they went around and did the activities.  Short activities meaning singing the ABC song, jumping jacks, spinning, running in place... it was so fun to watch!  When done with an activity they put the note back inside, snapped it closed, and then moved on to a different egg.  At the end everyone helped gather and we can reuse the eggs next year. 

Yep!  If you haven't heard, there is a new freebie over on FB.  I have been working on this project and posted this April grammar sheet over there for my fans.  :)  Hope it helps!  I also finished up a whole year's worth of these Monthly Grammar Sheets (16 months worth) and it's now uploaded over on TPT.  

Monthly Grammar Coloring Sheets {Year Long Grammar Review}

My class loved it in March and April, that I wanted to make an entire year of review.  Basically the kids color in the picture by the grammar code - reviewing nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and prepositions.  16 months because there are some duplicate months - double ones for August, September (Back to School and Summer Fun), October (Halloween and Racing), and November (Thanksgiving and Harvest).   

This week we also had an experiment going on in class.  This picture was snapped after 24 hours.  The 4 liquids was Fizzy Water, Gatorade, Water, and Apple Juice.  I had placed a peep into each cup and poured in the liquid.  To keep it clean (which was a good thing because it ended up spilling), I placed each cup into a quart size bag and sealed.  The fizzy water made it into complete mush - not recognizable by Thursday afternoon.  It was also interesting when the Peep's eyes started floating away...  

Well that is part of my week...  I am so glad for Spring Break!  10 days of family and relaxation!!  


  1. Thank you for the grammar fun and learning!

  2. I love the idea of having a class hide eggs like that-how fun! :)

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