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April 27, 2014

Busy Day - Dollar Deal, Lesson Plans, and Field Trip

Did you like all the freebies yesterday?  Didn't know about the Surviving Spring to Welcome Summer Hop?  It's not too late to grab the tips, freebies, and enter the giveaway!  I loved all the ideas from my BBB's (Best Blogging Buddies).  After a year of talking on a daily basis - brainstorming, gathering ideas, venting about our difficult days, and celebrating the achievements, I can honestly say we are all very close friends.  I am so blessed by this whole bloggy world!

Speaking about venting...being an adult sometimes stinks!  I already had a broken ice maker, which we can live with because who really needs ice in their sweet tea... (I'm being sarcastic), but as of yesterday afternoon the AC in my car decided to quit and it's supposed to be in the 90's this coming week.  Stinky, sweaty boys in a hot vehicle make for a grumpy family.  Anyway - long story short, I need your help.  My family needs your help.  

I have put these 4 wish listed items up for $1 in hopes that they will fly off the virtual shelves.  My Pay Pal account has been drained between fixing the fridge in December and February, replacing our broken washer in January, and taxes in April... I'll keep them for $1 until Monday night.

Onto this next week's Lesson Plans... what are those??  I have end of the year teacheritis... I did end up grading my huge stack of papers the other day - ended up taking 2 episodes of House Hunters, and the HGTV Dream Home Behind the Scenes Special to get through them.

Seriously though - Here's the plan for this coming week (3 more weeks of grades):

Reading - Communication Unit - story: Koko's Kitten
I love this story, and I love teaching the kids sign language.  We start with the basics - just practicing the alphabet to learn their names.  We use the website: and watch the videos of Koko. So many of them are stories straight out of the text.
Koko, Smoky and Penny

Math - We are finishing up a review of Area & Perimeter, planning on using my Zoo Maps (we ran out of time before break).  Kids design their own zoo by planning out the different enclosures, measuring area & perimeter, and using the enclosed clip art to decorate.

Zoo Maps: Review Perimeter and Area

Science - Finishing up Magnetism, still using I {Heart} Recess' Magnet Interactive Notebook
4.P.1 Magnets Interactive Science Notebook & More
My class has really enjoyed using file folders to create our interactive unit file folders this year.  We have made a file folder for every unit in Social Studies and Science this entire year, and now they will have all of them on their desks for Open House.  I'm still trying to figure out a good way to display all the folders on their desks... thinking of making treasure boxes with all their goodies inside...

It's a short week for us... only 4 days because Friday is a Staff Development Day.  On Tuesday my class also has our BIG field trip to Sacramento.  It's an all day trip... and it's supposed to be HOT, riding on a school bus with 64 kids.  The nice part about it though is that the the other 4th graders happen to be my son's class and my husband is chaperoning.  :)  I get to have a seat buddy!

Want to see what I pack in my field trip backpack?  Here's my post from 2 years ago.

Have a wonderful week!  Linking this all up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings as part of her Peek at my Week Linky.


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  1. Oooh, I LOVE the Organizing Chaos! I am definitely getting that one:) I hope this week is better for you...sorry you had trouble, but glad for your mini sale. Let the end of the year countdown commence!


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