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April 13, 2014

This Week - Skipping the Teacher Editions

We have 4 days until Spring Break.  4 MORE DAYS... The kids are about to drive me nuts.  I'm about to drive myself nuts.  I NEED a break!  I'm dreaming about the ocean, sleeping in, and doing absolutely nothing.  No packing lunches.  No laundry.  No nothing.  I need a break!  Of course I know  that won't actually happen since I am a mommy to 3 very active boys.

The kids are so ready for break... so this week I'm skipping our normal weekly story and instead we are going to do shorter activities that keep us humming along.

Easter Freebie!  Jellybean Reading - Informational Text an

We have different read alouds we are going to tackle - one per day, but for comprehension practice we will be using Jelly Bean Comprehension.  Easter reminds me of Jelly Beans - and I LOVE jelly beans...  On Monday, we will do vocabulary practice with the challenging words, Tuesday we will take non-fiction notes, and Wednesday the kids will do the comprehension page for a grade.

Easter Grammar Packet

I absolutely love the Grammar Review Books by Blair Turner.  She made up an Easter one that I picked up.  I chose 8 pages that I felt were the best fit for my group (that worked time wise), and then printed them 2 per side, back/front - so basically 4 sheets/page.  Works with my copy budget!

Zoo Maps: Review Perimeter and Area

We are going to be focusing on Perimeter and Area.  We have been working on it all year long, but it's time we actually start studying it in our math text.  For a fun activity to go with it, the kids will be creating Zoo Maps.  Kids design their own zoo - choosing animals to go into each space, and figuring out the space (area and perimeter) of the different enclosures.  :)

Mulitplying My Peeps- Free 2 digit by 2 Mult. Practice for Spring

For a little extra fun on that Thursday before vacation (we don't have school on Friday), we'll be using Multiplying Our Peeps by Collaboration Cuties.  It's a freebie and such good review!  Also includes an answer key - bonus points!

PEEP Writing Craftivity

Our writing this week is a narrative.  The kids are going to use this Peep pack from Forkin4th to write their own tale.  I only copied one of the templates, and the kids will use it to trace a peep pattern onto binder and copy paper.  It's a cute freebie!


Our big art project is actually pretty easy - we will be making our Easter baskets out of a brown lunch bag.  The kids cut down about halfway, then open the bag, and fold in the outside flaps.  Then it's a quick staple for the handle, and they are ready to go for our Easter party.  The kids bring in candy (if they want), and then go and fill the bags.  I add a HW pass, bookmark, and pencil to the bags.

4.P.1 Magnets Interactive Science Notebook & More

We will be working with Magnets this coming week.  I'm going to use this pack from Jessica Scott to create my interactive file folder.  I love how it's a simple print and go - full of review activities that tie in perfectly with what they need to know. 

In addition to all the magnetism, we'll also we doing a science experiment involving Peeps.  I picked up a package and am hauling in some different liquids to see what causes them to break apart.

Don't forget about the Science Educents deal going on!  So many good products all in one download. I used the Rocks and Minerals one this past December for their interactive file folders - so easy to use!

Other randomness of the week?

On Wednesday the entire school has a Relay Recess for Relay for Life.  The kids are collecting sponsors and all donations go toward Cancer research.  It's so much fun to walk together with the music blasting!

On Thursday during Reading Buddies we will have the kids complete an Egg Hunt.  Last year we got smart and numbered the plastic eggs - the kids had to search for their specific classroom numbers.  It made it a little trickier than just grabbing any of them (and took a little longer).  This year we are thinking of having activities for kids to do inside the eggs instead of candy.  The kids would have to do an "Amazing Race" type egg hunt - having to complete a certain amount of activities before they reach the finish.  Should be fun!  My 4th graders love helping their 1st grade buddies with everything!
Linking this all up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings!

Hope you have a wonderful week!  


  1. I don't think I want to know what breaks peeps apart because it's probably really horrible, which means those things just sit in my belly when I eat them. :-P Your week looks good! I'm about to sit down and plan the week in return from Spring Break. BLAH. Enjoy yours!!!!

  2. Where would we be in life without Peeps?? You certainly have a jam packed week! I hope you have a great week & an awesome break -- You deserve it!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. I completely agree with you - this close to your Spring Break, you need to be excited about your lesson plans and keep the kids excited too. Looks like it will be a fun week!

    Ladybugs Lounge

  4. These are fabulous!! I love them!



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