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May 9, 2014

Five for Friday: Figurative Language, Fractions, and Flip Books

Can you tell I like alliterations?
I'm actually off school today to attend my son's Preschool Mother's Day Celebration.  It's not for a little bit, so I wanted to stop by and share what's kept me busy this week.

Open House is less than 1 week away, so we have been busy tackling a lot of projects.  

The other day we made our Literal Idiom Art by the Peanut Gallery.  I made them half size and glued it onto green construction paper.  We turned the edges of the construction paper into "grass".  Last year I made math flowers that went on top, this year I wanted it to turn into a figurative language wall - so we made some construction paper CA poppies.

I had forgotten how easy it was to make a template - copy it a few times on file folders, and then pass around the card stock so the kids could trace onto their own piece of construction paper.  I LOVE how they turned out.  On the 4 petals the kids had to write a simile, personification, hyperbole, and alliteration that all revolved around poppies.


We also finished up our Equivalent Fraction Laundry.  That was a fun project, and not hard.  
Step 1: Write equivalent fractions on the laundry
Step 2: Color background (a little grass, a lot of sky)
Step 3: Cut out laundry and check spacing
Step 4: Glue on popsicle sticks, yarn, and laundry

This week we have also been working on our Bubble Gum books.  The kids took 2 pieces of beige construction paper and made a flip book.  Then on the flaps they wrote opinion, persuasive, and narrative.  As a reminder, I had them trace the edges of the page flaps so they could remember how much room they had to write when the pages were open.  
*Opinion - Their opinion about gum, what's the best flavor, brand, etc.
*Persuasive - They tried to convince someone that they should have gum (Me, Parent, Principal - should be allowed at school, Dentist - should be allowed with braces).  They had to come up with reasons they thought it was a good idea.
*Narrative - Fiction or Nonfiction Story about gum
I took pictures of them pretending to blow a bubble, and have the pink balloons ready for next week to add as the cover.  The balloons will thread through their mouth in the picture so it will look that the bubble is coming directly out of their mouth, and then the entire picture & bubble will be glued onto their booklets.  

Yesterday was my birthday.  I love my birthday - May 8th is the best day of the entire year!!  My boys treated me like a princess, and my hubby surprised me too.  He brought flowers, a gigantic balloon, and a package of red vines to school.  I went out to lunch with my good friends, had a good laugh - and spent the day with 31 amazing ten year olds.  EVERYONE was on their best behavior.  :) 
Amazing day!  

My boys picked up some new "toys" for me (with the help of my hubby).  I had so much fun last night doodling with that Creative Pen and Touch Tablet.  My boys had fun too.  It plugs into my laptop (worked just to place on top of the keyboard), and then the images showed up on my screen.  I love to doodle, and now have a way to record what I draw!  :)  Little things!    

Like I mentioned above, I'm not at school today - spent yesterday afternoon getting ready for a sub.  Do you do the same type of thing - everything laid out on your desk, in order from morning to afternoon, with a ton of post its over everything?  I do leave actual plans too - they aren't in the picture, but were on the main cart with my sub binder.

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  1. Great post! Happy birthday! It sounds like a terrific day : ) You are so awesome leaving the sub stuff so organized (and even having it is the big plus). Have a great weekend!
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  2. Happy late birthday! Everything all laid out nice for your sub, he/she should be super thankful for that! :)


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