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May 13, 2014

Probability Bags

Today we were working again with probability.  We have used math manipulatives, dice, coins, etc... so today I wanted them to show mastery of it by creating their own manipulative.  I had them make probability bags.  

They took a brown paper bag and wrote their name on one side and then drew 2 charts on the other side.  One chart was to record colors, the other was to record numbers. 

Then they took 6 popsicle sticks (because I have a ton of popsicle sticks), and labeled the sticks with numbers (1-6) and 2 colors.  I guess they could have done 3 colors, but I wanted them to keep it simple with a 50/50 chance.  

They stuck the sticks inside and started pulling them, using tally marks on their charts to record their findings.  We stopped every once and a while to compare with our neighbors - and then oohed and awwd if someone actually got an even amount.   

The last part included them finding the fraction probability of the different areas, and reducing if possible.  It was great being able to review probability and fractions.    

They had fun, it was simple (no prep for me), and the kids did a great job with it.  

Math Lessons are now DONE for the year.  It's all review from here on out. :)  

Linking this up with Jessica's Math Monday (even though it's Tuesday).  

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