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May 29, 2014

Future Teachers (Helping Prep for Summer and Next Year)

Every year I can pinpoint the kids that will someday make great teachers.  They are always wanting to help do the prep work, the not-always-fun work.  I LOVE having them help.

Usually at the beginning of the year I have to "test" their abilities.  Some kids need specific jobs, some need more training than others - but it's always nice to be asked.  During this final week of school when we have been having a lot of fun, I have a running to do list on the far right of my whiteboard with odd jobs that students can help me with.  They love to help!

Jobs that are perfect for future teachers (or any kids that really want to help prep for summer):

*Cutting out laminated task cards

*Finding all the random staples on the walls and/or pushpins

*Laminating (using a personal size laminator) or prepping things to be laminated

*Sharpening pencils for NEXT year

*Inserting sheet protectors into NEXT year's HW folders

*Gluing on NEXT year's Whole Class Writing Journals

*Inserting binder covers into NEXT year's binders

*Organizing the class library to make it neat, tidy, and everything in the correct place

*Pumping up the basketballs

*Organizing the math manipulative drawers

*Putting all the sheet protector games back into their specific binders

*Tearing off tickets to put in the ticket jar for NEXT year's class

*Cleaning off student whiteboards

*Testing the class markers and pens to throw out old ones

*Hole punching materials to be put into binders

I'm sure there are more, but at the moment my brain is pretty fried.  4 hours 20 minutes until Summer!


  1. Love this idea for getting the kids to help with the work!

    Swinging for Success
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  2. I used to be one of these students! Aren't we thankful for having a handful of these kids every year? I know I am!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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