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May 17, 2014

Five for Friday/Saturday: Open House Pictures

I know I've shared a lot of our different projects over the past couple of weeks, wanted to show you how the classroom looked before the families started coming by on Thursday evening.  

This is the back wall - it has the Equivalent Fraction Laundry, Poetry Folders, Learning is Sweet ice cream bowls, and pictures of the kids from the first day of 4th grade.  The bubble gum books and braille names were on 3 sides of the room - it was nice to group things different this year, and not necessarily need everything to be the same exact thing on a single bulletin board. 

These are the tables - all 16 of their end of unit interactive folders, their art docent folder, their real poppy plant, clay poppy, and on the diorama they used our character pillars to make super heroes that battled against the "evils" of the world.  

I absolutely love how the room turned out.  The kites and CA pillows were flying overhead - will definitely be doing them again next year.  We watched a movie yesterday though, so all the hanging items came down and went home.  

Just another view...

Wanted to show this cute gift that I was given...  we celebrated Teacher Appreciation week this past week - so many goodies.  This is so cute that I almost don't want to use...  

Hope you had a good week!  Linking up all my Open House randomness with Doodlebugs.


  1. I do those CA pillows too! Been doing them for years. "Borrowed" the idea from a fellow 4th grade teacher. I do a larger size, and it sits in their chair on Open House night. A lot of work, but they come out looking so great! Congrats on finishing your Open House....ours is on the 27th. Can't wait to get it over with. My class is currently working on their CA report on presentation boards. My first year doing this idea.....can't wait to see how they all turn out. Will post pics on my blog after OH.

    Your room looks fantastic!! Enjoy your last few weeks of school! : )
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  2. Wow! Your room looks amazing! As a parent, I would be sooooo happy to have a child in your class.

  3. I love your classroom! So bright and colorful! Love the kites!


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