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February 2, 2015

100th Day of School

The 100th day of school was a couple of Fridays ago, and just like the rest of this year, I'm running way behind in sharing.  We did a couple of activities that my big kids absolutely LOVED.  

First up was using the numerals 100 to create whatever type of picture they could imagine.  A lot of faces, but then there were some extra creative ones.  Big Hero, turning it into a person with a cast, pirate,  minion, etc.  Jivey shared about this a couple of years ago, and it's been a welcome art project for the afternoon.  I just used powerpoint to type 100 as large as a single slide, then I printed 2 pages per sheet.  They grabbed a piece of white construction paper and could create anything that was school appropriate. 

My kids also created their 100th Day posters (by Elementary Lesson Plans).  I love her posters! (I own most of them since they are cheap!)  I print these off half size (2 per page), and they then fit perfectly in our Show What You Know pocket chart.  

We also used this LA Scavenger Hunt pack from Collaboration Cuties in groups.  It was a race, and it's always a big deal to the kids when I say, "Ready, Set, Go!"  Groups of 4 worked together to gather 10 of each type of part of speech - we had out our reading books, novels, basals, silent reading books... Fun times!  

So that's basically how my class celebrated this year.  We did head over to our 1st grade reading buddies to help them count to 100, and to help string their 100 fruit loops.  It's always fun hanging out in primary land on the 100th day.

Do you celebrate in your classroom?  What did you do?  

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