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February 3, 2015

Simile Snowflakes

I love this project, even though it creates a trail of silver glitter throughout my classroom.

For this, my students brainstormed items that they considered unique, fragile, and light.  We made a big list on the board, and some of them we had to really discuss.  Then they wrote their own idea on their papers, and glued it onto the bottom of the black construction paper.  I had picked up those foam snowflakes when Target had then 90% off (after Christmas sale), so they glued that on top, and then could decorate the design on top of the snowflake.  I was in charge of the silver glitter outside on my ramp, and the ground outside is still completely glitterized.  They look so pretty though, and my kids had a good review of similes - so it's worth it!  I'm sure my custodian would also agree.  :)

Do you do something similar?  How do you review similes?  Share!  

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