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February 11, 2015

Heart Trees and Definitions of Love

Hi Everyone!  Today I was finally back in the classroom after 6 long days of dealing with this concussion.  What a day!  This afternoon my art mom came in and taught the kids how to create Heart Trees.  They turned out gorgeous!  

It was super simple to set up.  The kids each got a piece of white construction paper, a brown marker, a Q-tip, and a little (tiny) bowl with a dab of white and red paint - not mixed.  They drew the trunk of the tree to begin with and then some of them created a heart outline for the top of the tree.  Inside the tree they used the 2 ends of the Q-tip - one side they mixed the red and white to make pink, the other they used red.  They started out with adding some hearts, and then filled in the rest of the tree with dots as the leaves.  

As my class finished it was an easy clean up, and they grabbed a piece of hot pink paper to brainstorm their definition of LOVE.  Love is... Love means.  We discussed it a little, and then they wrote their own definition.  I love how it came out.

I put up the artwork on the bulletin board after school (when the pictures were finally dry), so I'm excited to see the kids' reaction tomorrow morning.

I hope you had a wonderful day!  

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  1. I had my students make heart trees too, but I did it a bit differently. We traced our hand and part of our arm on a piece of white paper. Then we filled in with brown watercolor, and we painted the rest of the paper in pretty colors (randomly - no pattern). After everything was dried we cut out the tree trunks (arm and hand.) Then we used a heart shaped punch to punch hearts out of the other colors. The tree trunk was glued onto black construction paper, and then the hearts were glued on like leaves. I had them laminated, and then I sent them home for my students to give to their parents for Valentine's Day.


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