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February 18, 2015

Good Ol' George and Abe

I think my students are starting to hate researching when we go to the computer lab.  I mean this month with everything going on that's the only option I have given them.  There is so much to learn!

Today I gave them this Venn diagram (from my freebie pack).  They had to find similarities and differences between George and Abe.  Today I just wanted to pop on to share this awesome website that one of my munchkins found.  

You can compare any 2 things/people/ideas that you can think of.  It makes it into a 2 column chart with different categories.  It was so easy for them to compare/contrast.  

After they researched, my kids had to write a 3 paragraph compare/contrast informational essay.  It's 3rd trimester, so it's time to break it in with my higher expectations.  They totally nailed it.  So proud of my writers.

I hope this website helps you too!

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