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July 23, 2015

Just Keeping it Real

I'm still in mommy mode around here, only today my boys are driving me nuts.  I tried to go grocery shopping with them.  Tried being the key word.  We were out of milk.  Ended up seeing someone that we haven't seen for a long time... and my cute, adorable children turned into monsters.  It was a moment that I wanted to hide.  I remembered why I like grocery shopping by myself.  When we got home the boys had to spend some quality time in their rooms, and I just breathed.  

Have you breathed today?  Just had quiet time with your thoughts?  

My pile of school stuff is getting taken care of.  It would be easy for me to stress out about it, but I keep hearing my mother in my ear saying, "One Thing at a Time".  What have you tackled today?  What are you super proud that you accomplished?    

Have you relaxed today?  Really relaxed?  For most of us it's still summer.  It might be your last day of summer, or maybe you still have weeks left.  I'm heading to curl up to finally finish my book, or maybe I'll take a nap.  I better not get too comfortable since I have a dentist appointment in 2 hours.  :/  Have a great afternoon everyone!  


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I took my 3 year old to the ATT store a few days ago and it was possibly the worst experience of my life. Thanks for the reminders to breathe and relax! Hope your evening is going well!

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