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July 7, 2015

Two for Tuesday - All About Research!

Another Two for Tuesday - the day that 2 products are reduced by 50%!  Love these deals!

The other day I had a flash freebie over on FB with one of my research products.  I was reminded how much I LOVE using these in my classroom.  Every week my kids get a chance to visit the computer lab and when they are done doing the task I assign them, they get a chance to work on their research folder.  I have a crate in my classroom with all these little papers.  I switch them out over time, but the crate contains these research slips for students to study about... Kind of like Genius Hour, but with some more direction from me.  

So here's what I have marked 50% off for today only.  (I'll switch them back when sitting at the airport on Wednesday.)

My Animal Research Bundle contains 4 categories of animals to learn more about.  Each animal also comes with a lined piece of paper (with clip art) for students to write sentences and paragraphs about their animal.  Perfect for reports, or for the fun of learning about animals!

Zoo Animals - 24 animals
Ocean Animals - 20 animals
Farm Animals - 7 animals
Forest Animals - 14 animals

         My Big Research Bundle contains 6 products to study more in depth.  Each topic also includes lined paper (with clip art) in order for students to write sentences or paragraphs about the men, women, countries, careers, or animals.  

Here's what's included:
Rainforest - 11 Animals to learn about.  We study these during our Ecosystem unit.  

Famous African Americans - 12 men and women that are crucial to know about.  We study these people in February for Black History month.

When I Grow Up - 11 careers to learn about, we study these in conjunction to our Monday college days (when we have to dress up and learn about different careers and where to study).

What a Small World - 13 Countries from around the world.  We study these during the Olympics, or during our Government unit (to compare/contrast).

Arctic Animals - 11 animals that live in the Arctic, we study these during Winter.

American Presidents - 12 presidents to learn about, perfect to use around President's Day.

I hope these help you!  Go check out the other links ups over at Chalk One Up for the Teacher!

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