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September 3, 2012

Monday Made It - A Bunch of Stuff

Hi!  I'm linking up today with Tara... for the past 3 weeks Mondays have meant school... so I'm really behind with past Monday Made It posts.  Thank goodness Labor Day falls on a Monday and I have a chance to catch up!

I've been busy basically every day doing stuff for school, but here are the things that I worked on this weekend.  
 The schedule cards that Tara posted that Primary Punch had shared.  
 Putting binder rings into Target's Dollar Spot Division Cards.  My students have loved using the Multiplication cards, and I just found the Division one.  
 More binder rings with sight words - some of my 4th graders need the primary words.  
 Same thing here with sound cards - I really do love binder rings.  
I typed up 2 different levels of sight words for my 2 medium type groups - 
already had a set for my low Desert Group.  
 Then I made each kid a folder and stapled the first couple of pages inside.  
 I absolutely love writing with sharpie after I laminate something - so I made up the pull out music schedule so it's ready to post...  
 ...and then I made up my letter to students as a visual reminder of behavior expectations.  
 I emailed my school parents a bunch this weekend as I updated my class website with a page specifically for IXL skills that students should review, and then made up a bookmark/checklist for students to use this coming Tuesday with the skills they need to do at the Computer Lab. 

I also had to email to let them know that our class made our Scholastic Book Order goal of over $350!  We are working on a second order since I called and Scholastic told me that we could earn more bonus points that way.  
I'm now left with this (and a ton of grading) but I don't know what labels I want to put on the drawers.  I found them at the grocery store of all places on sale for $6.  Please don't tell me if they are normally less than that - since their sign said normal $13 each.  I really want one to be for Word Work activities, and the other for Math, but I'm still undecided.  

Thanks for visiting!  Link up if you've been busy too!


  1. That's a great deal on the shelves - I just paid $12.99!

    Krazy Town

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It was at Raleys... of course the trade off was probably that the fruits that I picked up that night were NOT good at all... win some, lose some... maybe I should have picked up more.


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