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September 25, 2012

An Autumn Treat

Last year I found this little picture floating around on Pinterest.

It comes from the website Gracious Rain.  I thought it would be the perfect little treat to bring into the classroom on the first day of Autumn.  

Now it has become a tradition - even with the beginning of Autumn falling on a weekend - I still had to buy the supplies to make them for my class.

I promise I did have everything ready to make them yesterday, but with my monster migraine, and the normal crazy Mondayness (I know, not a word) of it all - well it didn't happen.  

So I surprised my kiddos this morning with them for a recess treat.

For my class of 32 I bought:

*2 boxes of Pop'ems Glazed Donut Holes 

*a handful of pretzel sticks - one per kid

*chocolate frosting (with a spoon to help dip the donut in)

*chocolate sprinkles

*a container of paper cupcake wrappers to hold them until I gave them out

It's easy steps and it goes fast to assemble:

Step one: Put a tad of chocolate frosting on one end of the donut hole.

Step 2: Dab the chocolate frosting end side into the chocolate sprinkles.  Tap a couple of times so the chocolate side isn't sticky anymore.  

Step 3: Stick a pretzel stick into the sprinkle side

Step 4: Place inside a paper cupcake wrapper, and start all over again.  

It was easy, cheap, and the kids loved it.  If you make extras, make sure you share with your teammates and the office staff - they appreciate it too!

Happy Autumn!

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