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September 29, 2012

Writing: Pen Pals

Well, the letters are in the mail.  

This year, through a wall post on Facebook, I met my pen pal class.

They live in Illinois, we live in California.

So far it has been pretty easy.  She contacted me a little over a month ago and I sent her a class list.  She started with the first batch of letters and matched up my class with hers.  It's neat how many of the same names we both have, and how she coordinated those kids to match up.  

My kids were thrilled to get their letters 2 weeks ago.

So many of her students automatically thought that we run into movie stars all the time.  Others thought the beach was next to our town.  I love how kids' brains work.  

We "googled" their town, and watched a short video that showed clips of what her students see on a daily basis.  It even had a picture of their school.  We were able to start a compare/contrast anchor chart how we are alike and different. 

I'm so excited about this opportunity for my class.  It's probably not often that my students get a chance to talk to other 4th graders halfway across the country.  We will be able to check the weather, see the news, and get to learn about their experiences.  

As I said before... the letters are now in the mail.  It took my class 2 full weeks to write a rough draft and then a final one.  I thought it would take them a shorter amount of time, but they were really trying their best.  Of course it's also a crazy time of year with the end of the trimester and all the assessments that go along with it.  Hopefully next time around it won't be like pulling teeth.  

Do you have a pen pal class too?  

Years ago I had a pen pal class - another 2nd grade class that was at the next school over.  At the end of the year we had a field trip to a nearby park to meet each other.  Pen pals don't have to be far away, they can be close - even at your same school.  

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!  We are celebrating my grandma's birthday today.  Lots of fun times with the cousins.  Enjoy!


  1. Your post is well timed. I have been considering the idea of pen pals. The school where I teach is named after a couple. I googled the name and realized that a school 2 states away is named after someone with the same last name as my school. Still thinking about how fun it would be to write them.


  2. We have pen pals in our own school district. I changed schools this year so we are doing it with them. My students love it.


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