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September 27, 2012

Math: Multiplication Fact Party

Today we had a Multiplication Fact Party for our math lesson.  We just started Chapter 5 in our math text, and this chapter is completely about math facts - all 7 lessons...  It makes sure they remember their facts before we dive into double digit multiplication.

  It's easy to do the entire chapter in a day because there is no way to spend an entire day doing each lesson when there is so many other things to learn (though I'm taking 2 - tomorrow will be all about having a variable in a math fact equation).  I took the homework pages (x2, x5, x10, etc) and made a packet of facts for them to work on in class.  Then today when the kids would normally be doing guided practice, etc... they worked on their packet of facts individually and then with a partner.  

Of course no party would be complete without balloons and streamers, so I decorated the whiteboard with ones that I wrote math facts on.  As students finished the packet of facts, they then moved onto play the math fact games that are in the classroom.

The kids asked me if we could have another Math Fact Party another day - I think it is a definite!

Hope you had a good day!      

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