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September 19, 2012

Autumn Activities mentioned by YOU

  1. Once again - YOU are so smart!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.  
    I wanted to pass your ideas onto others as well in case they could add them into their lesson plans in the coming months.

    These wonderful comments were made on the giveaway post when I asked the question - 
    "What is your favorite Autumn activity to do in the classroom?"    

    Please check out the links for the blogs listed below.  

    Thanks again everyone!

    I like to make leaf collages on contact paper!

    The Gypsy Teacher
  2. I have a stained glass leaf art with crayon and oil that I do every year.

    Yearn to Learn Blog
  3. I give each student a pumpkin and have them do a descriptive writing about the pumpkin.
  4. Carve a pumpkin in class. Surprising how many have never done that!
  5. With my students, we estimate the amount of seeds in a pumpkin, and then count them. We also discuss the life cycle of a pumpkin.
  6. I like using a big pumpkin for math studies. 
  7. My favorite fall activity is our Pumpkin Investigations that we do around Halloween. We do math and science investigations, like circumference of a pumpkin, seed estimating, sink and float, etc. It's so much fun for the kids!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure
  8. Looks like fall = pumpkin time! haha We do "Pumpkin Biographies" in October! They are so much fun!!

    Lessons with Laughter
  9. We made "Pumpkin Pie in a Cup" last year and wrote a how-to about it. The kids loved it!

    Third Grade in the First State
  10. My favorite fall activity is taking my 4th graders on a hike in the woods on our school property. There is also a creek and pond on the property and the kids love finding crayfish (that is our first fall science kit) and other wildlife!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper
  11. Fall is my favorite time of year!!!! Our favorite activity is carving pumpkins and writing a how to story about it!!!
  12. My favorite autumn activity happens during Thanksgiving! We make "I am thankful for..." placemats and then I laminate them so that the students can use them as real placemats during our "Family Feast" (known as a holiday party...any excuse to have snacks with the kiddos)
  13. I love canoe haikus! Our grade level visits a nearby lake for a "watershed day" and do things like test water quality, role play, so on. When we return, students write a haiku about nature and decorate a construction paper canoe with Native American symbols. So fun to read! And I love the beautiful fall colors we observe on our trip!

    Young Daze in 5th Grade

Hope you have a great day!

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