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September 1, 2012

Behavior and Carpet Squares

The honeymoon has been over with my class since the 2nd day of school.  This has already turned into being a tough year - of course my grade level has been warned since this group of kids was in Kindergarten...  On Fridays I am reminded how great overall my class is as I update their behavior charts. I do have some sweet gems in there.  For example, here is one of the cards that I received yesterday. (Yes, I was extra loved yesterday.)  

She loves the fact that I sing random songs.  I told the class that if they catch me singing that means I'm in a good mood - and they want to keep me in a good mood - so they are my audience as I sing about turning in homework, capitalizing their proper nouns, and other odds and ends that happen throughout the day.  To be honest, most times I don't even know that I'm singing until after the words leave my mouth... 13 years into this job, guess some things are just second nature!  

Of course we have already had a couple of "moments" as well.  So for those students who need a visual reminder, I made up a little letter that I will post near my behavior chart.  Just a reminder that I am there to help them learn, and that I won't put up with students that aren't allowing others to learn.  So much to do, not enough time in the day to deal with distractions.  

In other news... I found some great deals today at an outdoor store.  We were advised to go there to pick up Cub Scout materials. (I'm a new Tiger and Bear mom.)  They were selling shag carpet squares for 99 cents.  So, naturally I bought 18 of them.  I mean, if something is going to be so cheap and wonderful - well it's something that I thought I had to have.  My entire class does not need their own, but for silent reading & working on the ground they will come in handy.  Maybe now they won't worry so much about having to get a t-shirt pillow.

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!   


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  1. I saw your awesome letter to kids on Pinterest and had to stop by! Are you a Mrs. Summa?? I am, too! There aren't many of us, so I thought it was worth a shout-out. :)

    I like your blog! I have one, too - I'm the music teacher!


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