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May 16, 2013

5 Random Pins

I don't have much to talk about today - I wasn't at school except for about 2 minutes this morning when I dropped my older boys off.  Cough cough, sniff sniff - I needed today to bring that blasted blood pressure back down to a normal range.  :)  During my massage I melted into the table - at least until I realized how many knots had formed under my shoulder blades - then I started trying to move away from the lady - and almost fell off the table in the process.  

Okay - random pins that are making me go "Hmmm" - thinking about finishing up this year and going into next.  You might have seen them already - maybe you haven't.  I haven't had much time to be on Pinterest lately - but Summer is a com in' :)

10 days left... 10 days...

"Walmart sells flat twin bed sheets in individual packages (meaning without pillowcases and fitted sheets) for a whopping $2.00.  There is more than enough fabric to cover the typical bulletin board and they have a surprising assortment of colors.      I actually like using the black sheets as a background.  It allows the kiddo's work, borders and lettering to really POP!  "

This pin made me think of redoing a couple of walls... I love using fabric and I love that blue on most of my walls.  I seriously thought I was regulated to the fabric aisle in Walmart though - didn't think of flat sheets!  Supposedly flat sheets at Walmart (supposedly they sell them separate) are just $2.  So much cheaper than what I paid last year.  Last year I changed out my fabric the last week of the year - the kids didn't care at all since they were busy having fun!

Make these popsicle bookmarks at the end of the school year to encourage summer reading.

I think that we will do this the last week as a little fun activity to get them excited about summer reading.

Reading Fair Projects- instead of science fair or just as a class project

Before Open House I always have my students do a Book Report - but next year instead of a puppet, I want them to do this idea.  Using Science Fair project boards they would show off the book.  I'm thinking that throughout the year it would be fun to make one full class with every chapter book read aloud we complete.  

Draw yourself as a Lego figure.

I want to work this into something... especially since I have quite the collection of them inside my desk... maybe one year my theme should be Legos... I'm sure my own boys won't share their decorations though for my classroom.  

FREE Grammar Cheat Sheet - nice...everything on one sheet for quick reference.

This will definitely be going into their binders next year - it's free!

Hope you had a great day!


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