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May 15, 2013

My Day (Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Writing)

I wanted to share about my day :)  I guess I do all the time, but I really just wanted to share how my day looked like today.  It was fun - it was mind stretching - it caused me to put in for a sub tomorrow because I think I was at heart attack level for my blood pressure... Anyhow...

Multiplication Array-Bot  {Math Workshop Activity}
Math was completing this activity from Elementary Lesson Plans.  Each kid got a template to make their own robot and we put it together TOGETHER.  We had to go step by step using the digital camera.  I know it's for Arrays, but I referred to it as Area.  The kids connected the dots and saw how it could be both.  We glued it onto black construction paper and they labeled the different parts of the body in pencil (so it would show up and look cool) complete with the math equation and answer.

After Math we went to PE (wonderful prep time), and then the kids had a birthday treat before recess... to which one of my students ended up tossing/throwing/flipping the chocolate frosting off the cupcake onto a nearby school building window - on purpose.  You can guess what it looked like.  My blood pressure rose several notches and tomorrow turned from a half day to a full day substitute needed.  The student went to visit the VP for a little chat.
After recess it was Reading time - and since we are onto Unit 6 we are doing one story each day... Today's story was about the Voyage of the Mayflower.  I know, cool - right!?  We read it, then we compared the Mayflower (then) to a cruise (now).  We looked up Princess Cruise Lines (my upcoming Alaska boat) to see what cruise ships have on board.  We did the wonderful Venn Diagram on one side of a piece of copy paper (now vs then)... and on the back they created their own version of a nowadays Mayflower.  What would they include for the Pilgrims?  What activities should the Pilgrims have available?  Where should they sleep?  eat?  They got a chance to be creative.  It was fun.  We even voted (a blind vote) to see who they thought had the most creative ship.  
After lunch we kept reading Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger.  We are up to the part that the teacher is leaving to have a baby.  It's a weird book... but it's fun to read aloud and since the kids have already read the entire series by themselves, it's fun for them to connect the dots and make inferences. 
Then we worked more on our California Timelines.  The other day I gave them a piece of construction paper and they cut it in half longwise.  It was a yellow paper to represent our "golden" state.  Get it?  The kids get my humor.  They then stapled/taped/glued the two edges together to make a ginormous timeline - which they think is pretty cool.  They have been using their Social Studies text and my smaller version of the California Timeline to take at least 15 important dates in our state's history to put on their own.  They worked so hard on them.

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The end of the day consisted of Writing Workshop - some kiddos are still trying to finish up that Popsicle Writing Activity (Narrative) and their Expository Writing from earlier this week... the other kids were busily trying to finish all missing assignments because Thursday (actually Friday - but I told them Thursday) means the report card window opens and all missing assignments have a cut off.  

Can't believe the end of the year is almost here... Well, I guess I totally can, because I have lived through all the 169 days that we have been in school.  11 days to go for the kids, 10 days for me... and 2 of them are minimum days... and we have our field trip next week... and students that received 2 referrals or a suspension are not eligible to attend... and I only have 28/32 students that will be coming with me (possibly 26 since 2 kids still haven't brought back their permission slips - don't know why they haven't brought them back yet - never have had kids not bring them back ASAP...)

I forgot my lunch at home, so I had to go out to buy lunch at Freebirds today.  I think I sometimes forget my lunch on purpose so I have to go buy something...  

I had a cookie for lunch - I needed that cookie to help my blood pressure go down.

The massage tomorrow morning will also help it go way down...

Hope you had a great day!


  1. I went to Alaska via Princess two years ago! Best trip ever! Hope you enjoy yours just as much!

    Krazy Town

  2. Hi Emily - thanks for sharing the arraybot - will definitely have to check that one out! Goodness...haven't we all had days like this...I hope that you enjoy your massage tomorrow :) Much needed I'm sure~
    Doodling Around in 6th Grade

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