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May 27, 2013

Monday Made It: End of Year Gifts

Hi Everyone!  I love a Monday home with the family.  Well, not the entire family since Hubby has to work - such is the life of a videographer on a holiday.

But we will BBQ later on as a family... and we will have a water gun fight this afternoon as a family...and we will head to the cemetery to help the Cub Scouts pick up the flags as a family... and we will clean up this place we call home as a family...
Image by MelonHeadz Illustrating

So thankful for the service men and women.  Stay safe!  

Yesterday I went shopping for all the things needed to finish up this last week of school.  Want to see my list?

Tuesday: Pizza Party and Summer Birthday Party
*Capri Suns
*Inflatable Limbo Stick
*Pin the Tail on the Donkey
*Pizza being delivered

Wednesday: Ice Cream in a Bag
*Rock Salt
*Gallon Bags
*Quart Bags
*Milk and Ice pick up on Tuesday night

Thursday: Game Day & Last Reading Buddies
*Otter Pops

Friday: Last Day Gifts and Movie Morning
*Popcorn Treat Boxes
*Microwave Popcorn Bags (both for gifts and another box for Movie Day)
*Movie Snacks - Good & Plenty, Chocolate, Junior Mints
*Thank you notes
*Plastic Treat Bags
*Movie Tickets for teachers

Then I kept shopping for next year when I really probably should have stopped:
*Bought my vinyl tablecloths
*Bought handheld pencil sharpeners
*Bought my pink erasers
*Bought red dish tubs for center rotations

Anyhow, want to see the final outcome of the gifts?  

Popcorn Boxes and Thank You Notes came from Michael's.  Tissue paper keeping it shaped, and the goodies are in plastic treat bags tied up with a red ribbon.    

Each bag includes a pop up bowl of popcorn, a jumbo size candy, and teachers also get movie tickets.  The little note's font is by Kevin and Amanda, and the clip art is from MelonHeadz Illustrating.  

All 12 of them ready to go :)  

"Have a Picture Perfect Summer!"

I made up 12 of them to include the 4 office people, 1 librarian, 2 custodians, 3 sons' teachers, and 2 preschool aides.

Have a great day!    

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