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May 7, 2013

Tried it Tuesday - Old vs. Revamped - HELP PLEASE!

Linking up with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday!  
I'm going to do things a little different today - I want to pick your brain... I really hope you will share with me or else this is going to be a very one sided conversation...

My team and I have been thinking of next year.  Why shouldn't we?  We only have 18 days left with these special kiddos... and there is so much to prep for next year before the school year gets out.  Plus we just had to form the class lists for next year yesterday, so next year is definitely on the brain...


First up - Supply Lists

Usually the team gives out our list to the kids... but we have realized that being in 4th grade each teacher has their own special way of doing things... one teacher loves using spiral notebooks, another loves composition books... another loves using a binder... etc.  Then there is the size of the pencil box that becomes an issue since we have 2 different size desks in our rooms, or how many highlighters to bring in - specific colors, etc.  Some of the supplies are the same, most amounts are varied.  We're tired of trying to fit one list for all of us. 

So instead, this next year we are doing what 2nd and 3rd grade does and ask for money. 

What do you do?  If you ask for money, how much do you ask for?  


Second up - Back to School Packet
Here is the link to my packet from last summer.  Basically all 4 of us are on the same page.  This special group of kiddos this year has made us rethink some things though - like late work.  In our school 4th grade is the first year of "real" academic letter grades.  Part of me feels like it should be a year of transition - giving second chances instead of the dreaded "F" or "0".  Of course this year it's been a matter of students abusing the privileges.  

So, another - what do you do?  Especially if you are an intermediate age teacher, do you allow late work?  How much time do you allow?  


Third - Pacing Guides

When you transitioned to Common Core, how did you set up your new pacing guide?  I've always used this type of plan - where I can see by week what exactly we are doing.  The plan gets my class from point A to point Z... but next year we are supposed to be implementing CC so basically I need to change this but don't know where to start.  Any suggestions?  


I'm sure I have more questions rolling around in my head, but these are the biggest pressing issues of the moment.  Especially since before we leave for Summer break we usually have to turn in our supply lists to be posted to the school website, have our Back to School Packet approved for the next year, and turn in a pacing guide for the next year.  18 days people... 18 days...

P.S. - My sale is now happening at both my stores.  I'm going shopping today to empty out my wish list as well.  If you see any great deals that I really should know about for my 4th graders, leave the link below!  Thanks again.   :)   

Have a great day!   


  1. I teach 4th grade and I don't allow late work. Since our state test is timed, my students need to be able to work within a time limit. There might be special case, but for the vast majority of the time my students are expected to turn in their work at a specific time. It is tough at the beginning, but it pays off.

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  2. I teach 4th grade and feel that this is the learning year. We use an online grade book in our district. My goal is to get them to use it to check their progress. I allow late work because I know they are checking and they see how turning in an assignment can affect their grade and vice versa. I do also have consequences for late homework but it is still accepted. By the middle of the year, I rarely have late assignments.


I hope this was able to help you in some way. I love comments and I like to reply via email. Please make sure your profile is set up with your email address (and that it's not a Have a great day!