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May 8, 2013

What I Bought...

It was so easy to spend money this morning... really really easy.  I think it had something to do with the fact that today is my birthday and I love to shop.  So today, even though I already checked out (actually twice), I wanted to link up with Diane over at Fifth in the Middle and Blog Hoppin to share.  

I realized that mainly I was searching for in class projects for my class to complete... you know, something to help fill these long days after testing before the last week of fun can begin... and I found a ton but then had to back track a bit because of my budget.  Here's what I decided on for these wonderful days of shopping bliss!  

Award Winning Mom (or Dad!) Craftivity
By Hello Mrs. Sykes

What If ? Task Cards for Creative Thinking, Cause and Effe
By Teaching with a Mountain View

Evaluating:  What's my name worth?
By Miss Math Dork

Super Spelling Activities for any Spelling Words
By Collaboration Cuties

End of the Year Memories Task Cards { End of the Year Acti
By Teaching with a Mountain View

A Roller Coaster Day 7-Hour Complete Sub Plan Thematic Uni
By Lovin Lit

Idioms Images & Context Clues Task Cards {Activity, Assess
By Teaching with a Mountain View

Breaking Up the Bakery: A Fraction Project , Center , or A
By Teaching with a Mountain View

Division Project or Math Center *Movie Marathon* (Long Division)
By Teaching with a Mountain View

Multi Digit Multiplication Project for the Common Core *Re
By Teaching with a Mountain View

Area and Perimeter {Math Workshop Activity}
By Elementary Lesson Plans

Multiplication Array-Bot  {Math Workshop Activity}
By Elementary Lesson Plans

4th Grade Frys 4th 100 Sight Words --Ipod Theme
By Cadillac Content

4th Day in 4th Grade
By Ashleigh

Substitute Folder for Grades 3-5 {Turning a headache into
By Elementary Lesson Plans

All About Me - Back to School Poster
All About Me Poster (I'm not buying the huge ones next year)
By Elementary Lesson Plans
*I also picked up basically all her other posters to use

Most Likely Awards (End of Year Certificates)
By Ashlyn Ellsworth

Electricity Mini Book
By Elementary Lesson Plans

Line Graph Math Center
By Elementary Lesson Plans

I'm sure you can tell I had a lot of fun.  All this (plus some other random posters) came out to be right around $38 after the beautiful discount.  Not bad!  I consider myself a bargain shopper, and I did myself proud.  :)  

Hope you had a great day!  I did.  :)  


  1. After seeing all the cool things you got, I might spend the next few hours on TPT searching for things I want! ... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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