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July 31, 2013

Dollar Off Day - Top 5 Most Wishlisted Items

Hi everyone!  I'm home today getting more projects done and having a PJ day with my boys.  I've already tackled updating my Hall Pass Magnetic Board, hot glued colored laminated paper onto clothespins, and taped on the birthday dicuts to my pencils.  I've posted a picture over on Instagram of the magnetic board if you are interested to see how it turned out.  

The real reason I'm popping by today is to share that I put my 5 most wishlisted items on TPT as a dollar off for today only.  If you are interested, the links are the titles for each of the 5 items.    

What are the most wishlisted items?

Usually $2.50 - today only $1.50

Usually $3.00 - today only $2.00

Usually $3.00 - today only $2.00

Usually $3.00 - today only $2.00

Usually $3.00 - today only $2.00

I hope you have a great day today -  whatever you are doing and wherever you are. 


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