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July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Traditions Books (and Student Treasures)

Good Morning everyone!  I can still say Good Morning being in CA.  :)

Today for Throwback Thursday I wanted to share my post from last November where I talked about my students making a Traditions book.  Now usually I do this around Thanksgiving & Christmas since it's that time of year that I usually really think about Traditions BUT this morning I was also thinking that perhaps I should make it a year long writing activity since throughout the school year we have so much time together as a class.. a little here... a little there... and all done without the stress overload.

Anyway, just wanted to share in case you've never heard of Student Treasures and wanted to look into it before the stress of the beginning of school hits.  


This time of year I really start thinking of traditions.  I personally love them.  I love the special routines surrounding a certain holiday. So, the time between Thanksgiving vacation and Winter break I have my students create a book that includes all their special family traditions.  

Last year I had the idiotic idea of trying to have them do the entire book in a 2 day span to be able to submit it to Student Treasures on time for our publishing date.  
click to go to their website
Student Treasures is a company that publishes student work into their own hardback book.  It's a free service, they just include a note that asks parents if they want to order additional copies.  They were beautiful when they came back and we wrapped them up in Christmas wrap as a gift for their parents.  But it was absolutely nuts of the hours upon hours of creating rough drafts and final drafts for those days, plus then hauling it to UPS to be able to mail it off.... nervously waiting if it would be delivered in time.

So I'm going back to my normal routine this year, and saving the Student Treasures hardback books for a later date - perhaps an end of year memory book?   

Anyhow, below is the breakdown of the book.  
The students are writing one page per day about their traditions.
They create a rough draft, edit, and do a final draft on just plain lined paper (copy paper with lines printed on it) that they then illustrate with their family traditions.  I start with Thanksgiving since it's fresh in their minds.

New Year's Eve and Day

Valentines Day

St. Patrick's Day


Mother's Day and Father's Day

4th of July



Christmas and Hanukkah


So, 10 pages in total.  When they are done with everything inside their book, they will create their own personal cover and a dedication page to their families (with their cute little cum picture on it).  Then I stick everything into 6 sheet protectors (back to back pages) and use red & white ribbon through the holes to call it a day.  Their own little personal books to give as a gift.

I'll take a picture when it's done for this year.  :)  

Hope you had a great day!  

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