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July 21, 2013

Monday Made It

It's Monday!  I'm so excited to link up with Tara once more for her Monday Made It.  I love this linky party - all the ideas every single week!!  

I'm going to share some things that I posted about over on Instagram :)  I really need to learn how to hold back!  In my defense though, I'm usually just sooo happy to be able to check something off my long to do list.  

First up, a little background - At present I am mommy-sitting my mother - actually since Friday.  My grandma passed away a while back, and this past weekend my dad, aunt, uncle, and sister made the trek to southern California to clean out her mobile home - giving away a ton of stuff, getting it ready for a relator to take over, and to have a very small ceremony to bury her ashes next to my grandpa.  My mom wasn't able to make the trip due to her health - hips and heart aren't working super great.  Since it's summer and other than having the responsibility of 3 kids I'm pretty much free... you get the point why I've moved back into my parents house for a long weekend.  Of course my boys wanted to come with me!  So, I'm missing my hubby, but at least one of us has to stay home to take care of the dog at night.  At least we've been able to see each other every day.  Because of the jaunt over here, I don't have many options to complete other than the huge amount of stuff I brought with me... and since there really isn't any housework to do here (it's been so nice) it's been basically been watching girly movies with mom, playing board games or legos with the boys, or doing school stuff.  

 Of course I head home today for a bit to reload and see what mess my house is...  :)  

Here's what I've accomplished since last Monday!

I made my behavior chart with colored iPods as the color level.  I'm using my pocket chart sized labels.

I laminated and made up my student achievement necklaces.

I collated/stuffed and filled my Student Homework Folders.  Inside I have Reading Menu from 3rd Grade Thoughts, a Monthly Spelling Menu from Christine Statzel, my first unit spelling list, the 4th Grade Common Core Mathematics Overview set by Jivey, and the Homework Sheet from Teaching in Room 6.  Printed on both sides to save paper.  :)

I sorted my objectives by standard in these expanding file folders - one for math, one for ELA.

I designed and printed out my Student Notebook set - they are all ready to go into the students' binders when I get into my classroom.  Another gotta love technology moment!

I made up some subject pendant banners - one for each subject to hang as the titles above my bulletin boards.

I ended up counting to 9 over and over again (specifically 33 times), putting 9 of each of the popsicle sticks into sandwich bags.  At least they are all sorted and ready for place value!  

I also made it through a week long giveaway with 7 different Rafflecopters :)  I'm exhausted but it was fun chatting with so many people through email.

All done for now... so much fun!  
I also made 880+ new friends over on Facebook and over 200+ Bloglovin' friends in the past 2 days!  Some cool 2nd grade bloggers asked me to join them in a Blog Hop (I guess since I used to teach 2nd grade for years and years...) - It was so much fun.  Lots of free resources that we put up for grabs in those fan freebie tabs.  If anyone wants to organize a 4th grade one, sign me up!  

Well that's it!  If you aren't following me over on Instagram - well I'm there and I've decided it's actually fun.  Kind of like a picture only version of Facebook.  I love my pictures!  :)

Have a great night/day!  


  1. You've been a busy lady! :) Loved that you incorporated iPods into your behavior chart. Very cute! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners
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  2. Great job on all your made it's and checking things off your list! How sweet for you to go stay with your mom. I know she must enjoy having you around to watch chick flicks and long talks...:) Enjoy your time with her!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. I love your banners...super cute! Hailey from Autism Tank


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