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July 1, 2013

Monday Made It and Giveaway Winner

It's Monday! Linking up with Tara to show what I've been up to lately...

This past week was filled with shopping and painting.  Michaels had a ton of wood things in their clearance aisle, and I thought they would be perfect in my classroom.  Today I wanted to show you this frame I picked up.  Usually it's $8, but I got it for $2.  Love the clearance and the teacher discount! 

Step 1 was drawing the lines with every scallop, step 2 was making sure that the pattern wasn't going to get messed up with the ABAB pattern going on, and step 3 was painting it the same colors as my bird houses and bird table numbers and my new magnet numbers.

Then I added some fun scrapbook paper inside.  I have this thing with post it notes.  I usually end up sticking them all over my desk with my to do list on them, and then I stick books & papers on top, and lose track of it all - so I decided that next year I'm going to stick this frame on my desk and put the written on post it notes on that.  It will be vertical, it's cute, and I'm excited about it!  

 I also sat down to start rereading my classroom read alouds, and decided to tackle The Chocolate Touch first (I was having a chocolate moment).  I wanted my kids to have to use their higher level thinking skills, so I came up with 48 activity cards based on Marzano and added some journal type pages in there as well.

It's over in my TPT store if you want it.  :)  

and now for the drum roll please... the winner of $10 in my store is...

Hope you have a great day!  On the agenda today is avoiding the heat as much as possible.  Costco this morning, and then hiding in the house for the afternoon.  We are also trying to grow crystals in our kitchen - it was one of those science experiments I found at the dollar store - and so far it's not working!  Have a great day!  


  1. This is so cute...I love the idea of putting scrapbook paper inside a the frame. Great idea!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. I just bought a pad of scrapbook paper and wasn't sure what to do with it. Guess I am off to Michael's!

  3. LOVE this idea for post-it notes! Mine usually end up scattered all over my desk, on the floor, stuck on the back of folders, etc. I'm heading to Michael's too :)

  4. Hi Emily! I am in love with this bright and cheerful blog! Great idea with the post-it frame, but I am especially loving the post about The Chocolate Touch -I love that book :)

  5. The Post-It frame is a great idea!
    Add one more to do item to my list!


  6. Love your frame:) Fun colors:) Thanks for linking it up:) Hope your crystals work...if they don't I have a super easy recipe for growing them over's amazing:) (I think it's on my blog under crafts...) If you need it, let me know;)

    4th Grade Frolics

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  8. I love the post it frame! It is cute and it's a great idea! I'm your newest follower.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  9. Be patient with the growing crystals experiment, they often take longer than expected. Also, the age of the materials from the dollar store might have an effect on the final outcome. Make sure you keep the experiment out of humidity, or the evaporation won't occur. Love the crafty frame, I keep my post its on a clipboard beside my computer at work, but your idea is more visual!

  10. Adorable frame!! And I LOVED "The Chocolate Touch" when I was in elementary school! Such a great read!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes


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