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November 28, 2013

I'm SO Thankful

I'm linking up with Lucky to be in First to share what I'm so thankful for this year.

First up - I'm thankful for my Lord.  I love what He has done in my life - the good and the challenging times (yes, I mean that - the challenging times).  He is shaping me into the person that I'm meant to be.  He has carried me through many valleys, and rejoiced with me during the mountain top times.   

Of course my boys are up there on the top of my list.  I absolutely love that I'm their mom!

My handsome hubby - I'm so glad that I said yes all those years ago.  He's amazing!!
He's my love, my teammate, my helper, my encourager…

My parents are my go to advice givers.  They are experts in parenting, giving love, and support.  They understand classroom life - Mom taught for 36 years, Dad dealt with all the prep work, bulletin boards, and teacher stories around the table.

I'm thankful for my sister and mom - both are my best friends.  I'm so thankful for my family.

I really do love my classroom and the students that fill it - past, present, and future.

I love the beach, and I'm thankful for every chance I can to spend time there.  I feel so much peace there.  I especially love Pismo Beach… so thankful for the moments of relaxation.

Have a wonderful day with your family. We're heading over to my parents' house in a while.  Our job is to bring the stuffing.  This morning I also made Turkey Cinnamon Rolls for my boys.  We are about to turn on the parade too - just our normal traditions.  What are you doing today?  Are you hosting? Have a relaxing day!


  1. I love visiting Pismo Beach too. I haven't been there in several years. It's a wonderful getaway. Your cinnamon roll turkeys are precious!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Those cinnamon rolls look absolutely amaze-balls! Loved this post!

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  3. I love the beach and Pismo Beach is great! I love going to San Clemente which is not too far away from AZ. Agreed on those cinnamon rolls. They look amazing!


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