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November 26, 2013

Save Money! Campus Book Rentals and Rent Back

I want to take a moment and remind you of a great website that has helped tons of college kids.  Being in education we all know college kids, heck some of us are still college kids!  Over the holidays, if you happen to see a college student, help them out by telling them about Campus Book Rentals and Rent Back.  It will save them money and they can make some in the process.  

Last December I learned about Campus Book Rentals and it has helped many of the college kids that I personally know.  Campus Book Rentals is a website that allows students to rent their textbooks for the semester.  We all remember how much textbooks cost when we were standing in line in the bookstore? (I'm having a flashback at the moment).   Well, this can save them a ton of money by renting AND they can still write in their textbooks.  Seriously - it's like they can treat them like they own the books but save money too - the books aren't devalued the minute they walk out the door.  There is a video over on their website that can tell you more about the program.  It's easy!    

Campus Book Rentals also now has a sister site called Rent Back.  It's the basic concept that students can rent back those books that they spent all that money buying.  You just type in your book titles and they take it from there.  This is great for both college kids trying to raise some money, but also for those of us that have tons of textbooks sitting in the garage.  

Saving money is always fun, but getting money back is even better. :)    

Have a great day and remember to tell someone over the holidays!      

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  1. Awesome concept...really helpful for poor student who can't afford expensive books. God bless them...keep it up Guys...


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