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November 11, 2013

Math Time: Array-Bot

Hey everyone!  Happy Veterans Day!  Yes, a day off of school, but more importantly a day to remember and thank those that served past and present.  My own family is full of heroes.

This was my grandpa and grandma on their wedding day.  He was part of the air force, whose plane was shot down over Korea in World War II.  He landed in a tree, broke his leg, and served time as a POW in Camp Luft IV.  I'm so thankful for him and others that have given their all.
I also wanted to share a little something that my class tackled last week in math.  We started double digit multiplication and our first textbook lesson was working with arrays.  Of course the kids were all like - huh???  They somehow had completely forgotten what an array was from last year...  So I pulled this project from Elementary Lesson Plans out of my arsenal and we did it together the next day.
Multiplication Array-Bot  {Math Workshop Activity}
Such a fun project!  They totally got the point of what number goes first vs. second in an array - how a simple math problem is set up.  I was able to tie it into area as well (that's what I used it for last year).

Here are some pictures from my class:

Completely recommend it if you need a little something to connect the dots.  We did the project, glued together it fits on a standard 9 x 12 piece of construction paper, and then I had them write the arrays around the robot.  They had fun decorating it too.

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  1. Awww, Iove that picture of your grandparents! The array-bots came out really cute! :)



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