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November 7, 2013

Veterans Day Activities

I'm so looking forward to Monday.  I need a 3 day weekend like peanut butter needs chocolate.

Of course when I asked my students if they knew why we would be having a 3 day weekend they couldn't put it into words.  So I search through the freebies on TPT and found these gems to help me explain it.
FREEBIE - Veterans Day - The Poppy Lady
First I learned about this picture book to read to the kids.  In That Room has this mini unit to help with comprehension.  
Veterans Day Timeline
This one is from Michelle Harper and has a timeline that kids work to put together.  I have it copied for students to work with partners.  

Veteran's Day Choice Board - free
This one is from Ashleigh and has a bunch of different activities.  Time is going to be an issue on Friday, so I printed off her synonym activity for individual students to tackle.

Veterans Day writing paper and organizer - free
This pack is from Denise Scaccia.  I love how her writing paper has all the different branches of the armed services represented.  I know it's for the little kids, but my big kids will enjoy it too.

Just a few things to help my kiddos know the reason behind the day off of school.

Hope these help you! 

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