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November 22, 2014

Food Chain Turkeys

This year I decided to have some fun using turkeys to have the kids wrap up our Ecosystem unit.  We are done.  Really done.  

Don't you love assembly line projects?  I cut up 6 colors of construction paper, making 2 inch strips. Kids went down the line and grabbed one of each color, a turkey head (similar to a bowling pin), a black piece of construction paper, and a bottle of glue.  

The kids took each one of the construction paper strips and labeled them with what they mean.  

Purple = Prey
Yellow = Sun
Orange = Scavenger
Green = Producer
Brown = Decomposer
Red = Predator

Of course I didn't write it in order on the board.  It's not my first rodeo.  :)  The kids had to put them in order from beginning to end.  I did tell them the beginning and end steps - well really they told me, and I wrote it on the board with the numbers.  Then they got to work.  

We had to have a talk about what direction the feathers needed to point, but then they were off to prove to me that they knew which order to put them in.  

Here's my example (which I didn't show them when they were creating theirs).  I had to show them how to turn the construction paper into feathers, not really a big deal though.  

Do you keep papers on the ground to dry?  Then do you have to step over them until the glue dries?  Gotta love glue projects!

I think they came out so well, the kids really understood it!  Before they could glue it down, they had to show me their feather and the color order.  I was able to check it and tell them if they needed to try again.  I will definitely be doing this again!

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