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November 4, 2014

Owl Booklets

Don't you just love when a new idea actually turns out to be a good one?  My students made file folder booklets a couple of weeks ago.  We took a file folder, cut it in half, then put the edges back together before folding it into a book, and then stapling.  The pages are super sturdy.  On the front they glued a cover, and then inside we had 6 pages to work with.  

The first 2 pages were dedicated to our science unit with Owl Pellet information and the Owl Food Web.  The Owl Pellet Dissection sheet came from Jivey's Owl Unit, and the Owl Food Web came from a google image.  

After that the kids took the half size papers from Jivey's Paired Texts about Owls to glue in the informational paragraphs, one per page, and then had to write summary paragraphs next to them.

The booklets look so good!  I'm so proud of my kiddos!


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