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November 21, 2014

Turkey Art

I like to remind my students to be thankful for the everyday constants in their lives.  Some years we make mini books, and I give them a couple of minutes every day to brainstorm gigantic lists.  This year I decided to pass out a Melonheadz clip art freebie and they used it to brainstorm turkey feathers.  It was such a nice display the past couple weeks of school, students were reading other papers, and wanting to add to their own thankful turkey feathers.  

I'm thankful for MelonHeadz and all the freebies on her blog.  Her freebies were definitely my jumping off place when I started creating 2 years ago.  

I know it's been a while - almost a full month since I last posted, but this past week I finally remembered to take pictures of everything we have been up to lately.  Stay tuned over the next week as I post everything.  :)  

Hope you had a great week!

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