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November 1, 2014

Online Math Test Issues

This year we have a new math program and the students are supposed to complete their math assessments on the computer.  It's been a transition to do so.  With the first test I realized that I needed a way to show my students and parents their scores without printing out hundreds of papers, so I used some task card templates by I'm Lovin Lit to create the above Math Note.  Now I just take my powerpoint version and edit the chapter number, what the test covered, and the possible score for the new chapter.  I only print out the assessments for the students that didn't pass (which parents then have to sign), and it's saving a lot of paper.  

Another issue that I found was that the kiddos would race through the test, answering questions on their whiteboards, and I didn't have any accountability from them, since they just clicked a multiple choice button.  I couldn't see how they were solving the equations.  My easy fix was to have them answer the entire test on binder paper, showing their work, proving their answers.  That binder paper gives them additional points (not included in their test grade).  It's working! 

Any other helpful hints that you have learned about online test taking?  I'm open to more ideas!

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  1. We have been giving some computer assessments, as well. I've also struggled with how to show grades to parents and how to get give their best. I created a "scrap work" page for them, and divided it up with a square for each problem. After the test is scored by the computer, I circle the work for the problem that was incorrect, put a grade on it, and ask parents to sign it if it was less than 70. So far, it seems to be working!

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