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April 9, 2015

Biography Projects {New Freebie}

A couple of weeks ago I took my laptop to my oldest son's Boy Scout Meeting.  As a new to the group mom, I have quickly learned that his meetings can go on and on, that the parents are pretty quiet, and I really needed to get things done!  Open House is quickly approaching and this year I want to focus on food crafts... for example, the kids created their Best Part of the Year Ice Cream Sundaes, are busy making their Book Buffet Book Report (home project), and next week are starting to read a biography of their choice (in class).  I have more projects in the works too!

With their biographies I really wanted to have a fun cupcake wrap up, so I whipped up this mini flip book.  Students will take notes as they read - I have a whole set of Who Was Biographies from Donors Choose - and then will fill in the frosting portion of their cupcakes (asking for specifics such as Important Facts, Timeline, Illustration, and Why Famous).  The frosting is then colored, cut out, and stapled on top of each other to make a flip up book.

Now I had some help filling in my samples from my 5 year old.  He loves to color with red... (so it's a little hard to read).  :)

I LOVE how they came out.  This is a new freebie over on TPT.  I uploaded it yesterday.  

Sweet Biography Mini Flip Book FREEBIE

Speaking of Biographies and Famous Historical Figures, I created another Talk Time Research booklet too.  I'm loving all the feedback and the response to my milestone flash freebie Talk Time with Famous Authors, and wanted to get these graphic organizers ready for my class as they are reading.

26 Historical American Figures to research!  LOVE it!  This new pack is presently 50% off and joins the rest of my store which is still on sale through Friday.

I hope you have a fantastic day!  

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful freebies. I can't wait to use them with my students.


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