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March 6, 2013

Wednesday Writing - Gold Rush and State Test

Yesterday was the state writing test. You all know that I can't talk about the content of the test - so instead I will just tell you how glad I am to be back out of testing rows. It was only for 26 hours but that was 26 hours too long. No floor space stinks!!
See what I mean??? UGH!!
Talking about writing though, my kiddos finished their mining journals last week. It took 3 weeks of pulling teeth, but they did it, and they look fantastic.

I know they were proud of their hard work. They have grown so much as writers this year. To celebrate them I took Tara's idea and used her writing star bookmarks to "fill their buckets". I didn't have a ton of stars like she did, but I did have some of my shiny little stickers I stuck all over their bookmarks before I laminated them. That was a job my boys helped me with.

Just wanted to share my Gold Rush Mining Journal writing pack with you. It's 6 pages with a cover, all pages have mining clip art on them. I included the brainstorm page, in addition to the writing prompts my students used for each part of their story. 
In the process of creating it I found a new to me website that has tons of free, royalty free, no copyright needed clip art. At least they had gold rush clip art that was appropriate. :)

Hope you had a great day! I'm now off to Dr. Seuss night at school. :)

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