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August 8, 2012

Class Webpage

I just had an entire morning of class websites in my meeting.  It was probably one of the most productive morning meetings that I have ever had the privilege of attending.  The only catch was that my website has been done for a couple of years now - so this morning I was able to help my coworkers set up theirs.  

I don't give my parents information about this blog - this stuff is how I plan and prep my life, what I'm learning, and how I'm growing as a teacher... completely different information in my book than what they need to know as a parent and student in my class.

I have an account on for my class page.  It's free and easy to use.   Since I shared it a million times this morning, and my coworkers and lots of families have seen it over the years, I thought I would share it with you what type of information I have on mine in case you are interested in creating your own.  I have it broken up into the different pages that are on it, with the different subpages that drop down. 

Home Page: 
Contact information
School Phone Number

About Me: 
has a little background about me - just the stuff that I usually tell parents on Back to School Night

Students' Page (drop down menu):
 Spelling List 
(for Unit 1 - I update this at the end of the Unit for the next)
Homework Sheet for 1st trimester 
(update only at the end of the trimester)
Reading Log
Favorite Moments of the Year 
(my past class told me month by month what they enjoyed)
Sight Words

Parents' Page (drop down menu): 
Links to important sites
(CST Released Test Questions, Internet4classrooms, Super Teacher Worksheets, IXL, Think Central, Math is Fun, Cool Math, Open Court Resources, AR Book Find, Scholastic Book Clubs with our class code, Type and Spell)
Back to School Packet
Supply List
Reading Standards
Math Standards
An article about child development from titled 
"How They Grow in Fourth Grade"

Wish List - is separate and I update this monthly

Donors Choose Projects link

My big thing when I created this class account was I didn't want to have to update it everyday.  I wanted the information to assist and be available when needed, but I don't have the time to change it up on a daily basis.  So other then the times listed above it doesn't change.  

I have heard great compliments the past years about this site and the information it holds.  I included this website when I sent out my back to school postcards, so families have access to our supply list, and can read our Back to School Packet before we meet next Wednesday night.  I don't know if they really do, but I can hope that if they need it it is available for them.  Students always have access to their spelling list and expectations.  No excuses!

Hope this helps!


  1. As a parent, I love when a teacher has a good website!

  2. the only downside to Weebly is it is not protected, meaning ANYONE can visit it unless you pay for the upgraded one. I had a weebly last year and had something pretty bad happen that was unexpected. I would be very careful with what you put on weebly. I went with blogger this year and it will be invite only:)

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

    1. Thanks for sharing! At my school the links for the websites are linked to the school webpage.


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