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August 4, 2012

The Beauty of Sheet Protectors

Just a short post today...

For a long time (like the past 10 years) I was anti-lamination.  I think it started back at a school whose lamination wasn't the greatest and messed up some of my stuff... then you add that knowledge with the fact that I was changing up what and where I was teaching, and it just didn't make sense to permanently put something covered in plastic.  Instead of lamination I turned to sheet protectors to make things survive throughout the year.  

Just wanted to put this out there for anyone that may never have thought about it.  You don't have to have a laminator... you don't have to pay for lamination... it is doable and your stuff will still look nice. The reason I finally kept my laminator (instead of taking it back AGAIN) was I wanted to keep my smaller stuff working from year to year (game cards, labels, etc...).  I'm not planning on taking the above posters out of the sheet protectors, they are still heavy duty and don't need anything more.

With sheet protectors you have choices - you can leave the 3 holes on them to hang them up sidewise, or you can carefully cut the holes off.  Either way works.  If you keep the holes on, it's really easy to keep them in a binder over the summer to make them stay nice and flat.  Trust me - the students don't care either way. 

I know some stores sell sheet protectors and they are super thin - and well, not worth it in my opinion.  I love the big box that comes from Costco - Avery Premium Heavyweight Sheet Protectors - 250 in a box for around $10.  I use these same ones when my students make up their Memory Books throughout the year.  I use them to stick practice pages inside, and store them in my Workshop binders.  Game boards are kept in them, and kids have used them as whiteboards too (with card stock put inside).

Anyhow, just something else to think about.
Have a great day!     


  1. There have been many times when I would put center "stuff" in sheet protectors. It worked out great and made it easy to change things up, if needed!

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