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August 27, 2012

Summer Sandwich Writing Activity

So I mentioned the other day about the kids writing a Summer Sandwich. It wasn't my own idea, but one that my neighbor graciously shared with me a couple of years ago.  I love this project!

In 4th grade the kids have to learn to write a multi-paragraph essay on a single topic. At the beginning of the year the kids gasp in horror when I tell them that we are going to tackle this feat every week for the school year.

When I mention the first assignment's name they get excited. They really believe I'll be bringing in bread and the fillings...after they realize what it will really be they are still excited since the end product does look like a sandwich.  Something about writing on colored paper makes ALL the difference in the world.

This assignment takes about 2 weeks to complete (at least in my class it does). In my class we do a brainstorm session to begin with.  Then for each page they do a one paragraph rough draft on binder paper, edit (introduction to the Rainbow Edit), and final draft on a colored half sheet of paper.

Now, in the good old days when copy budgets were large, (I'm laughing as I type this) I would trace the border of lettuce, cheese, meat, and bread onto a master and copy onto the colored paper.  This year I took colored copy paper and white construction paper, and cut it in half.  It's all about using resources carefully and the end result still looks pretty good.  

So here's the set up and the order that I have the kids write:

Lettuce (green paper) - The kids have to write about how they began their summer. What did they do to start their summer?

Cheese (yellow paper) - The kids write about 2 fun activities they did over the summer. They need to add details.

Meat (pink paper) - The kids write about the people they spent time with this summer.  Did family come to visit?  Did they go to visit relatives?  If they stayed home they need to describe their family and/or babysitter.  

Back bread (white construction paper) - The kids write about how they ended the summer.  How did they get ready for the school year?  

Front bread - (white construction paper) - The kids come up with a cover for their sandwich.  They must remember to include their name and they can decorate it.

It really does turn into a nice beginning of the year piece of writing.  By the end of the 1st week they need to have completed both the Lettuce and Cheese final drafts, by the end of the second week everything else must be done.  As students finish at different speeds they get to choose the different activities from Work on Writing time.  That alone is motivation to keep moving forward with their work.  Hope this helps someone.

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  1. I love, love, love this idea!!! I just found coasters that included all the parts of a sandwich that I found at the Dollar Tree that I might use with this activity! :) Thanks for the great idea!
    First Grade Funtastic


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