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August 9, 2012

Copy Parent Help Folders

With all the budget cuts, I need help in providing my students with any "extra" copies.  At this point in time I can cover the assessment copies myself, but all the extra review or fun activities would have to be pushed aside due to not having copy money.  4 years ago I began asking parents to help copy at Back to School Night, and they have responded graciously.  The past 2 years over 10 families (each year) have been kind to copy a class set of paper at home each month for me.  I only send home something every 2 to 4 weeks, I don't want to overuse their generosity.  If you are in the same type of boat as I am, you might want to consider asking for help.  Here is the document if you want to use it.  I use the penny portfolios - one per family to send materials home.  I have never had an issue that papers did not come back.  If it goes a week without seeing the copies, I just send home an email just telling the parents that it's completely okay with me if it's not an okay time to copy, that I just need the masters back.  Not a big deal at all. 

Hope this helps!  

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