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October 20, 2012

ID cards and AR Reading Levels

You know when you hear something that seems so simple you wish you had thought of it yourself?

That happened yesterday afternoon.

My teammate mentioned she writes her students ZPD levels on Avery labels and puts them on the back of their ID cards.

How simple is that, and why did I never think of it? No more book marks to make. No more bookmarks for kids to lose. No more shuffling through lists of ZPD levels to find each kid as they are trying to check out their books.

Since our students must have their ID cards to check out books from the library they always have the little reminder with them of what levels they should be reading. You know... those Good Fit/ IPICK books.

I will now have an easy way of telling them what books and area of 
the library to be checking out books from.

My class retakes the STAR test every trimester to update their range and to show progress. So I will be able to update their range throughout the year on their cards. It's going to be easier just hand writing it for me, though I'm sure you could type the labels up if you want.

I love my team. She also said when she taught primary she color coded the levels on the sticker since numbers were too hard for her little kids. It made life so much easier during library time.

I've already started prepping this for Monday morning when I can 
stick them onto the back of their ID cards.

Hope this helps someone.


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