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October 23, 2012

My Halloween Pins

Somehow Halloween has been sneaking up on me - I don't know how it came so fast, but I'm not ready for it.  I haven't had a chance to do all the fun stuff for October yet - there have been too many must do's instead to accomplish.  

So, I've been busy researching FREE things to do in the next week that combines the fun of Halloween and the needed review of being a 4th grader this time of the year.

If you see something you like, just click the link and it will take you to the real pin on Pinterest, which from there will take you to TPT to download.  I want to say THANK YOU to those creative people out there that have offered these freebies for the rest of us.  There are many extensions of these activities that are available to download for a small price.  Well worth it!

Halloween Idioms - free

Halloween Idioms and Phrases
I'm thinking of playing scoot with these phrases - putting one card on each desk and then having them move from desk to desk writing what they think it means.  

Halloween Game - Who Am I? Guessing Game - Any Age - free

Who Am I?
There are a bunch of characters on these cards that could be fun to play another round of scoot - put one on each desk and have the kids move around to write a sentence about each one - using those preposition words.  

Halloween Verb Action - free

Halloween Verbs
I always have them create a spooky story using their spelling words - so thinking of sticking these verbs up to give them some ideas.  

Paper Bag Fall Tree

Paper Bag Spooky Tree
For Halloween my grade level is talking about doing rotations - so we will each get a different class for 30 minutes doing the same activity over and over... I'm thinking of doing this craft with the kids.  It is something they can easily do in the time allotment, and they don't really even need to glue the colored leaves on - it's cool without it.  

Pumpkin Craftivities - Fall - Freebie

Pumpkin Craftivities
This freebie is a cute pumpkin that could be used for an art project, though I was thinking of using it to create our spelling word/word knowledge sorts in them.

Multiple Meaning Pumpkins - free

Multiple Meaning Pumpkins
These are perfect for an ELA center - I laminated these and they are ready to go.

going batty {free creativity} - free

Going Batty
I see this more as a primary piece for writing, though I'm thinking of having my kids create the bats and then write an acrostic poem. 

Halloween Costumes (Character Traits) - free

Halloween Costume Character Traits
I love how this is set up - so easy to use and tons of fun paying attention to details.

R.I.P. Overused Words - free

RIP Words
We have been talking about the importance of expanding our vocabulary, especially as we kick off the 2nd trimester.  I've been wondering if I should create a little graveyard....

I hope these help you!

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