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October 22, 2012

Parent Survey - Conference Time!

I'm updating this post to link it over at 3-6 Free Resources for their linky party about Parent Conferences.  Maybe it could help someone else too!
Parent communication is so important.  I feel pretty confident about all the information that I send home to the parents on a weekly basis (VIP folder/behavior/reminder emails almost every day/monthly newsletter/etc), but sometimes I don't feel that I'm getting their input as much as I would like.  (You know, since hardly anyone ever responds to my reminder emails...)  

Since it's Parent & Teacher Conferences this week, I created this survey for parents to fill out during our time together.  I usually have 2 chairs outside on the "patio" of my portable for them to sit and wait if they show up early.  I made a class set of these surveys and have stuck them into a manilla envelope for them to work on when they are waiting for me.  I've invited the children to come along to the conferences in order to create game plans for the remainder of the year.

The areas that I want their feedback are pretty simple.

*I want to know their opinions on what area they see at home that their child is struggling and the area they think I need to challenge their child more.  

*I want to know if they are getting the class emails, and what level of Goldilock's communication they would rate it at:
*Too much  *Just right   *Need more

*I want to make sure that their contact information hasn't changed since the beginning of the year.

*I still need help with some basics and wishes - like having more copy parents and water cooler parents... I want to put it out there for them that we need help.

*Last I want to make sure that I get their opinion if their child is taking responsibility at home with their nightly homework - you know, the stuff they do EVERY night.  I want to encourage their child to be more responsible, but almost every 9 and 10 year old that I have met needs a parent to remind them to practice their math facts, their math IXL skills, their nightly reading, and their spelling practice.  I want to make sure that their parents remember all the resources that are in place to assist their child with their academic success.  With the children at the conferences, it's an easy way to remind the families that continued practice is important.   

Hope you had a good day!  


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